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Food Journeys

I would like to begin on a personal note – cooking is something which flows in my veins, and permeates into more aspects of my life than you can imagine. This is true for most people in my family, so I’m not surprised. Like any other food fiend: food for pleasure, food for expression, food for meditation. Fresh vegetables, shiny fruits and juicy steaks all get my adrenalin going and my blood pumping. What can be more invigorating than waking up and starting the morning with commotion in the kitchen? It awakens the senses, letting the sensations flow, along with the sights, the smells and the sounds of food.

10 years ago, I graduated from a Master’s Degree program in Urban Design from Harvard University, and after 10 years of practicing design and architecture, my path was shifting. My personal quest became my passion and my work; food and nutrition is now my profession. I am dedicated to helping people adapt their lives and create more mindful eating practices. I believe that my non-traditional cooking education by experience and field learning has left me broad minded and further connected to my clients.

Those who don’t learn proper cooking techniques are doomed to a life of licking pages from fancy food magazines. Cooking is a life-long essential skill that apart from providing great pleasure to you and those surrounding you, it allows you control over your health and finance. Remember that! Good cooks always have friends.

Mountain Kitchen- Boutique cooking school in Asheville, NC.

Whether you are a novice or an expert, Mountain kitchen is the school for you!

In a relaxed home setting, over- looking the expansive views of the Smoky Mountains, You are welcome to explore a variety of cooking techniques, local ingredients and exotic cuisines.

We have hands-on classes for couple, individuals, groups or parties. We also host team building corporate events of up to 100 people.

Our classes are not set-up in a traditional way with a station for each person. We attempt to get our guests involved in preparing all the dishes on the menu. That creates an extremely interactive event that leaves the participant with more knowledge and experience.

We also offer family friendly, kid friendly events from time to time.

The classes are small, which allows people to get to know one another and ask many questions.

Each class

  • Has a theme that corresponds w a holiday, a season or a favorite cook book.
  • In each class we learn 3-6 dishes, depending on their complexity and the number of participants.
  • We nibble and taste throughout the class in a very casual atmosphere.
  • At the end of the class we have a meal together.
  • My cooking style is simple, I do not over complicate recipes.

Depending on the season, some classes will take place on the outdoor deck.

I draw my inspiration from the Mediterranean region; Israel throughout Egypt, Morocco, Spain, southern Italy, the Balkan Turkish area and Lebanon.

I travelled extensively in Asia and learned some of the kitchen secrets of India, Thailand and China.

Classes will focus on the history of the dishes, cooking techniques and presentation. Each participant will get to learn every single dish and will be provided with the recipes and a symbolic souvenir from the class.

We use fresh, high quality and seasonal ingredients and have a range of different classes to offer. Private groups start at 6 participants or individual classes are also available.

We offer gift certificates.