Chocolate power balls

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Chocolate power balls

My first cook book was called ‘Children Cook’. It was Israel in the early 80’s and most households had one of those yellow cookbooks. The plethora of illustrations and pictures made it very easy to follow the kid friendly recipes. Although it wasn’t a very sophisticated book, It is probably the reason I cook today.

Common ingredients at the time included margarine, ready-made sweetened cocoa powder and a bunch of other over processed finds. As a natural born chocoholic, one of my favorite recipes has always been the ‘chocolate balls’, a favorite of both the young and young at heart. Here is my very healthy recipe for chocolate power ball

Green powder


Raw cocoa

Coconut oil

Almond butter

Almond meal

Dates/ carob

Coconut flakes


Mix it all up, keep refrigerated, preferably in a locked box so you don’t finish it all at once