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Empower your team with our corporate events. Bring people together in a fun engaging way even if they are apart. We can host your event or travel to your location. We mostly work in Western NC, Asheville, Greenville, Knoxville and surrounding areas. Call today to discuss your event!


A team is defined as a group of people with a mission; family, friends, students, colleagues, competitive such as a sale team or collaborative such as peers. A team could be put together temporarily or for a long term, in both cases improving communication and connection will improve the impact of your team. Playfulness is one of the best way to engage people together whether you analyze your team or just want to enhance its connections.




Wine and cheese pairings– sip, taste and learn

Cooking a meal together– each team cooks one part of the meal

Iron chef– The group is divided into two teams, competing against each other in the preparation of a full meal



A team helping at one of our corporate cooking events in Greenville, SC

Get to know your colleagues in this amazing workshop.

Are you coming to Asheville for a conference?

Is your company based in Asheville?

Are you looking for a special activity for your business?

“My company wanted to do something different for a team building event and decided to try  Ofri’s Home Cooking. 

Who doesn’t enjoy a home cooked meal?

We have a good mix of men and woman and what a blast!

Ofri made numerous suggestions for a menu for us to vote on and was prepared when we arrived.

Her home was very inviting, big enough for all of us and we also had a short meeting afterwards.

The food was delicious!  The recipes were detailed and Ofri was around to help and answer any questions.

There were enough recipes and things to do to keep everyone busy and get their hands dirty!

Since we had so much fun, I am bringing my office staff back for our Holiday party.

I highly recommend this for a date night, employee appreciation or team building.” Sue, Byada Asheville

Get out of the office, laugh and relax in a fun environment. live music, drinks, outdoor and indoor seating.

3000 sq ft space.

On-site and off-site events

Below you can find some ideas for our cooking events. We can work with you to create other events, if this is not what you are looking for.

Cooking together is a lost pursuit we aim to bring back, there is no better way to connect people to one
another in a fun engaging atmosphere, than cooking together.
The groups could vary in size, depending mostly on the space that is available.
We offer the events described below at our kitchen which is limited to 30 people.
Most events are between 2-4
hours, depending on the program.
The same programs can take place at your hotel or other local event space.

The setup is competition style. Initially there are some ice breaking activities, trivia and general
introduction. Judges are nominated within the entire group.
For larger events I can also hire a professional MC and other chefs if needed.
Prizes for the winning team can also be included in the quote.

Corporate cooking challenge options:
Harvest & cook
WNC is still a very agricultural area. Take a farm tour to learn more about how food is made and where it comes from. Visit a goats farm and taste some cheese, or an organic produce farm to taste the freshest greens you ever had. Head over to our kitchen or yours and learn how to make the best dishes with your produce.

Farmers market tour and cooking class

Asheville is know for its diverse range of farmers markets; offering artisans crafted goodies, grass-fed and organic proteins, as well as fresh produce. In 4 hours, visit a market and cook some of your findings.

Iron Chefstyle
group cooking competition
In this fast-paced team building activity, guests are divided into large teams and face off in a timed culinary
competition. With Chef Ofri and our staff as culinary coaches, teams are challenged to create delicious
dishes from scratch. When the clock runs out, each team presents their creation to the judge and then
enjoys the feast they created. Teams are judged on presentation, taste and teamwork, and the team with
the highest overall score will be crowned the winners.

meal competition
Inspired by current and classic culinary trends from around the world, this challenge is composed with
fresh, farm to table ingredients and exciting culinary techniques. Chef Ofri and the staff will provide hands-on
instruction and support as your group works together to craft their fourcourse
meal. Through culinarytrivia and exciting icebreakers, we’ll divide the group into teams where each team will prepare recipes fromthe selected menu. At the end of the cooking segment, everyone will enjoy the feast they created while our
staff serves them at the table in courses.

Cooking for a cause
Why not utilize your fun event to do good in this world. Team building for a cause means that you cook delicious food, keep some for yourself and pass the rest on to a charity of your choice.

Cooking and a concert
This is the ultimate event.
Looking for a relaxing evening, combining team work and a social fun time?
Asheville is know for its music, jazz, rock, bluegrass, folk and more…
What can be better than making some appetizers and enjoy a great concert right afterwards.

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