Why is cooking team-building an engine for diversity

Cooking transcend cultural boundaries and is often the first step in accessing a new culture. I grew up in Israel and despite all the on-going animosity between Arabs and Jews, the love of food is always there to comfort and connect.

How do we set-up diversity training using cooking?

Our events are custom designed to fit your team’s needs, we examine your objectives and together come up with the best event. Smell and taste are two senses that are deeply rooted into our long term memories. We can use food to bring some of these memories to the front. Childhood memories that are rooted in our favorite food or family moment.

Some examples of culinary team building for diversity will be to experience different cuisines from other countries, choosing to work around food that are similar to people of different ages and genders, cooking some local food such as Appalachia and connecting people with our local American roots.

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