Easy Mother’s Day treats w Dunkin’ Donuts

Mother’s day is that special day where you want to tiptoe on a Sunday morning, sneak into the kitchen  and see what you can do for mom to give back for all she does for you. Using Dunkin’ Donuts as a platform for your cooking, can save time and make it easier to make treats for mom. Today I will present four recipes that could not be easier. Just don’t forget to purchase your donuts the day before.

So what can we do w a box of Munchkins from Dunkin’ Donuts??


Make easy Italian style éclairs, no baking needed

Dunkin’ Donuts munchkins profiteroles – serves 1

4 Plain donut holes

Vanilla ice cream or burned marshmallow

Chocolate syrup


Slice donuts, fill w a mini ice cream scoop or marshmallow, cover and drizzle chocolate sauce.


Donut fruit sandwich- serves 1

1 plain donut

Assorted fruit such as pineapple, kiwi, strawberries

Cool whip

Shredded fresh mint

Slice donut; squeeze out the cream and arrange the fruit and fresh mint


Mocha granite- serves 1

1 cup freshly brewed Dunkin Donutscoffee

½ cup ice

1/8 cup Condensed milk

Chocolate syrup


Blend in a high power blender

Top w ice cream scoop or whipped cream

Optional- decorate w 3 munchkins skewer

Donut waffles-serves 1

3 glazed munchkins

Maple syrup or chocolate sauce

1 burned marshmallow

Cool whip


Place donut in waffle iron and press until you form a crust.

Add toppings and serve. Make sure you don’t burn the house down!


Happy mother day!