Five reasons why culinary team building is right for your team

  1. All inclusive– Good teams are diverse teams, while that is a boon in many ways, it may be a challenge when designing a team building outing. Rafting, tubing and rope course can appeal to some but may not appeal to all team members. CULINARY TEAM BUILDING however is the most inclusive activity of all, who doesn’t like to eat or drink and hang out on a gorgeous deck with stunning views?
  2. All weather– We often get a last minute call from groups who booked an outdoor activity for their team; golf, rafting, tubing or rope course are all fun but somewhat volatile due to the weather in our area.
  3. Cooking team building is one of the only true experiences that directly mimics the process and actions of a project team within an organization
  4. Culinary challenge is intense short time period that forces your team to focus on a prize and not on process, so a lesson learned as a collective unit builds team chemistry, morale and confidence that they can get the job done.
  5. Improves communication, collaboration, cooperation, commitment, trust and leadership.