Israeli street food- Shawarma and Bourekas

shawarma bourekas

Saturday, May 5th,  | 04:00 PM – 07:00 PM  | $65 Single

| $110 Double

Street food is the life of the city in many places; it’s a quick meal, on the go, cheap and delicious.One of the characteristics of street food is often multitude of ingredients and the balance between them that has been perfected over many years, sometimes generations. In this class we will make our own pita bread, the kind which originated in Yemen. We will fill the pita with Shawarma, finely chopped lamb and beef mixture, or chicken with special seasoning, salad and tahini sauce. Our other dish will be a home-made pastry filled w a cheese mixture. For dessert we will have Baklava fingers w mint tea.

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