Personal chef services

At Asheville Mountain Kitchen we now offer personal-chef services in the Asheville, NC area.

This pandemic era we now experience makes dining out more difficult. Restaurants are closing down or being restricted and reservations are scarce. As a result, it is now safer and easier to dine at your home or a vacation rental.

A personal chef will come to you, cook up freshly made, top-notch food according with your dietary specification. In the meantime, you can drink, relax and enjoy your friends and family at the comfort of your home.

Our personal chefs use the freshest and highest quality ingredients, while taking great care preparing your food, especially for you. We don’t cook in bulk or use expired ingredients, like you may find in restaurant kitchens. Small batch cooking also allows us to bring you the most important ingredient- LOVE!

Personal chef services include:

  • Private dinner parties including serving and cleanup
  • Food drop-off
  • Custom made weekly meals
  • Meal plans

Prices do not include travel, gratuity or special requests.