Gnudi-the nude gnocchi

Gnudi, meaning nude ravioli. is the simplest dumpling you’ll ever make. Just mix ricotta with all-purpose flour until you get a creamy dough. Form into dumplings and voila! its ready. Cook in boiling water like you would pasta and scoop it out when the gnudi floats after 2 minutes. Mix with your favorite sauce.

What’s next for AMK

Hello folks, We live in a very confusing time. I am writing this posts to share my thoughts about the near and far future with y’all. Asheville Mountain Kitchen will continue to host classes for ANY size group. In the near future that might mean only small size groups. For those of you who know […]

Summer season is opening-up

Summer vegetables are slowly starting to appear and brighten our world. Asheville Mountain Kitchen cooking classes are coming back slowly at the end of May. Please join us to reconnect with our amazing community, in a safe, clean environment. Our first class teaches Indian cuisine. We focus on spices and systematized methods of making it […]

Simple homemade bread

Making your own homemade bread is simple. Just like any other homemade food, you have the ability to control the ingredients that go into your bread and keep it as healthy as possible. In the past, I used to make sourdough bread. Its a long process. Today I will show you a much easier recipe […]

Are you creative?

Today I was hoping to tell you what sets Asheville Mountain kitchen apart from our competitors. Aside from all the know benefits of team building, such as: Developing communication abilities Increase in work efficiency Better stress management capacity Growth confidence in personal and professional relationships Fun Creative Inclusive and more… At Asheville Mountain Kitchen we […]

Get-healthy cooking class

Cooking classes at Asheville Mountain Kitchen focus on healthy eating, yet we never forget that healthy has to be delicious.
In this post, I would like to introduce you to 3 healthy dressings. making dressings at home is so easy and far superior to the store-bought stuff.
Beet dressing, Papaya salad and a chimichuri type dressing. Mix the ingredients in the photos and enjoy!!


Have you ever talked to a tomato? Have you listened to what it has to say? Vegetables have personalities, yes they do. Do you want to eat more vegetables? Which one is your favourite? Is there a vegetable you dislike? Do you keep resorting to the same ones? We should all eat more vegetables as […]