Nutella- Is that a healthy breakfast? Have you noticed those Nutella commercials? Or the labels on the Nutella jar, declaring it “An example of a tasty and balanced breakfast” “Breakfast never tasted this good”- true, but is it healthy? So what’s in it? Sugar 21g per serving, palm oil, hazelnuts, cocoa, skim milk, cocoa. […]

Chocolate power balls

    Chocolate power balls My first cook book was called ‘Children Cook’. It was Israel in the early 80’s and most households had one of those yellow cookbooks. The plethora of illustrations and pictures made it very easy to follow the kid friendly recipes. Although it wasn’t a very sophisticated book, It is probably […]

Dressed up dressings

  Dressed up dressings and a delicious kale salad These three will change your lives…well, at least in the salad and condiment department. I always look for ways to add nutrition to my meals, without compromising flavor of course. Salads are great, but when you start using store bought dressings you certainly compromise your health. […]

Israel trip- procession of a meal

On a rainy Spring day we arrived at Azabe. A small village in the Galilee, Tuscany of Israel. An area made of native Mediterranean forests of Pistacia and Oaks trees and low, dark green shrubby bush lands, alongside colorful agricultural patch work. As you may realize by now, I will take artfully crafted home-made, poor-man food over […]

Moroccan Tagine

Saturday May 20th, 2016 | 06:00-09:00| $65 PER PERSON From the other side of the Mediterranean Sea, right near the bottle neck of Gibraltar lays Morocco. A small country w many influences. The flavors, spices and ingredients all reflect those influences which are expressed through the unique food, dishes and culture. We will learn to work […]